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Chad Duncan, MSFP, AFC®

My Background

I understand what it's like to be overwhelmed by financial decisions. I was young and in the Marines when I started making money. I thought I could spend money however I wanted because my paycheck was guaranteed.

However, it didn't take long for my choices to land me almost $90k in debt.

It wasn’t until I made the choice to try and get out of debt that I realized how complex finance can be. I became so involved with figuring it out and trying to understand it, that I decided to devote my career to it in hopes that I could help save people the time and effort required to figure it all out.

Why I created Minimalist Financial®

I created Minimalist Financial® for those who want;

  • A financial resource to guide you through complex financial topics
  • A professional to bounce questions off of (contact me here)
  • Financial services tailored to your situation
  • A way to reduce the stress around managing your money

Personal finance is already complex enough. And once you add all the different voices telling you opposing advice, it can become overwhelming very quickly. It can feel like you're climbing a mental mounting just to not screw up your life.

I want to create a resource that educates you on the potential options out there so you can see what you may want to consider. That way, you can reach your own conclusion about how something might fit into your life.

When I tackle complex aspects of finance, I like to break each subject down into its simplest parts and then expand on each section. That way, I can see clearly why certain challenges require different solutions. That's what I plan on doing with the content on this website.

Other things about me...

  • Reached "FI/RE" at 28
  • Diagnosed with ADHD at 30
  • Marine Corps Veteran
  • Part-time Real Estate Investor


  • B.A. in Finance from George Fox University
  • Master's in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University (MSFP)
  • Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®)
  • Licensed Investment Advisor Representative
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker in Oregon

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