What makes me different?

I am a qualified financial professional who understands ADHD, habits, behavior change, and what it's like to live both inauthentically and authentically to my values. I know firsthand the change required and the work it takes to make that leap.

I understand that there can be a lot of nuance to your situation. Your values and beliefs, your memories of how your parents viewed money, your current opinions on money, how you view investing, etc.

A lot of current personal financial blogs and influencers only give access to their unique relationship with money or their opinion on it. It's fun to see how other people use money, and what they would do in certain situations, and get some hope that we also can change, but that's their story, not yours. 

I help you understand how your situation applies to the many different aspects of money. I will also share resources on how to start implementing these financial topics into your life. I know it is incredibly difficult to just read something and then all of a sudden know what to do next, or even how it relates. I am the bridge between knowledge and practical application for you.


An ADHD'er

I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 30, and all of my life I have dealt with impulsivity, buying things I don't need, dealing with shame, and feeling incapable of change. This chaotic energy surrounded money, and even talking about it sent me into overwhelm.

I had this mentality that it was "just money, I can make more". This mentality in itself isn't harmful if it's used in moderation. However, I used it as an excuse for everything I bought. I reasoned that I had a steady paycheck in the Marines and knew that it was coming in no matter what.

I had dug myself into a huge hole of debt that at the peak was $90k in credit cards and auto debt using this logic.

I lived this way for years, and it wasn't until I got out of the Marine Corps that I even thought about money. I fortunately used a positive aspect of ADHD, hyperfocus, and learned everything I could about personal finance.

The next four years I was able to get out of debt, buy a duplex in the town I was going to college, and become financially independent-ish. The feeling of being confident with your money, and knowing that you will be okay if something happens. I want you to feel that weight being lifted and the self-love that blossoms when you achieve your goals.

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Jamie Larson