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Why I created Minimalist Financial and this blog

Money is a two-way relationship. One that few wanted, but nevertheless one that we are stuck with.

Why I created Minimalist Financial and this blog
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Welcome to Minimalist Financial

Money is a two-way relationship. One that few wanted, but nevertheless one that we are stuck with. If this relationship is good, it can be life-giving and allow us to live a life aligned with our values and goals. It can make working an option, allow us to go on more vacations, and give us the freedom to help others.

However, if it’s a bad relationship, we end up living lives of debt, living paycheck to paycheck, feeling like we’re drowning in expectations we can’t meet, and punishing ourselves for it.

Do you view money as a tool to become wealthy, help change the world for the better, or spend it to relieve stress? I want to help you understand that to cultivate a good relationship with money, you must first understand how you relate to it.

“Understanding our relationship with money is the first step towards using it in the ways we want to.”

This blog results from thousands of hours I have spent researching and coaching people on money and how it relates to their lives. My goal with this blog is to help you create a healthy relationship with money that allows you to work towards your goals, rather than against them.

This blog and Minimalist Financial services are for people who:

  • Want their financial situation to be simplified, easier to understand, and less overwhelming.
  • Want to know why they make certain financial decisions
  • Want to be smart with how they manage money and invest their savings.
  • Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck and start getting ahead financially

How is this blog different from the others?

We can’t just read an article and suddenly have a great relationship with money and be on the right track toward our goals. There can be a lot of nuances to your situation. For instance, your values and beliefs, how you grew up, your opinions and experience with money, your current goals and dreams, etc. are all unique to you.

Many current personal financial blogs and influencers only give insider access to their specific relationship with money. It can be good to see how other people use money, and what they would do in certain situations, but that’s just it. What works for them won’t necessarily work for you.

That is why I will be creating templates, resources, questionnaires, and exercises that you can use to help personalize financial advice to your situation.

What does this have to do with minimalism?

Minimalism doesn’t mean making less money, spending the least amount possible, or turning your finances into some kind of aesthetic performance.

I focus on building healthier relationships with money; like how minimalism can help create a healthier relationship with consumerism. In these efforts, I also simplify the complexities of money and how it relates to your unique situation.

Parallels between minimalism and money include:

  • Intentionality: Thinking through purchase decisions, financial goals, and how you want to lead your life by taking small steps.
  • Prioritization: Focusing your spending on what matters to you and knowing the order of importance of where you want your money to be spent.
  • Contentment: Being happy with what you have, not focusing on what you do not have, and knowing what “enough”; means to you.
  • Simplicity: Simplifying your financial life can make room for things you care about and make daily life less overwhelming.


My goal is to continuously provide resources that can help readers understand their relationship with money and reduce their stress and sense of overwhelm as it relates to finances.

Additional Resources

If you want to know more about who I am and my story, you can read my about page. If you would like to see what services I offer, you can see that on my services page.

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